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In 1924, Mr Clement BOUTIQUE founded his company. Main activities were in the coalmines and steelworks, in Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Today, BOUTIQUE is present in all sectors. We have increased our staff and also our fleet of machines. The fourth generation is preparing to go on with efficient teams and with diversified and up-to-date equipment to answer to the requests of our customers.
A medium sized company who can react flexibly and is available 24 hours a day: that is what you get from us!


In 1998, as a result of the growth of our company in the field of lifting and industrial maintenance, we decided to adapt our safety management to the requirements of the VCA **, this means the implementation of safety procedures needed to meet the requirements of the RGPT and the adoption of the code on the well-being at work (law of 4 August 1996). This enabled us to obtain significant contracts with Dutch companies (such as SDM and Kemira)and companies based in the Netherlands. This increased our turnover considerably and moreover reduced the number and risk of work accidents substantially.






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